Renegade Star (Renegade Star Book 1)

Jace Hughes is a Renegade. That means taking almost any job that comes his way, no matter the situation.

But that all changes when he meets a nun looking for safe passage out of the system. Too bad there’s something off about the cargo she’s carrying.

Jace knows he shouldn’t ask too many questions, but when strange sounds start coming from inside the large, metal box, he can’t help but check it out.

Big mistake.

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Renegade Atlas (Renegade Star Book 2)

After barely escaping the Union’s grasp, The Renegade Star is off to parts unknown. No member of its crew can ever return home.

But all is not lost.

Thanks to Lex, a strange girl with a remarkable gift, the path to Earth has been revealed. According to ancient myth, Earth holds valuable treasures, lost technology, and endless secrets, ripe for the taking. Jace and his new friends have a chance to discover it all, but only if they can keep Lex out of the Union’s grasp.

Renegade Atlas - Available exclusively on Amazon!
Renegade Moon (Renegade Star Book 3)

JA Renegade never surrenders.

After evading both the Union and the Sarkonian Empire, Jace and the crew are off in search of Earth. With the help of Titan, their new base of operations, Jace believes they might just have a chance.

That is, if they can outrun the two armies at their backs, and somehow manage to survive a galaxy that wants them dead. Not exactly a walk in the park.

But no one ever said being a Renegade was easy.

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Renegade Lost (Renegade Star Book 4)

The Renegade Star is stranded in the dead of space, engines totally shot. They receive a strange transmission from a nearby planet, warning them to stay away or face the consequences.

When the message mentions how this world belongs to Earth, Jace Hughes knows he has no choice but to investigate.

With an endless snowstorm, bloodthirsty animals around every corner, and no sign of any colonies or people, the mission won't be an easy one.

Good thing they sent in the Renegade.

Renegade Lost - Available exclusively on Amazon!
Renegade Fleet (Renegade Star Book 5)

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Renegade Earth (Renegade Star Book 6)

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