Their Solitary Way: A Science Fiction Novel

Experience the story of Genesis like never before...

Adam Kadman is the captain of a seed ship known as the Eden. Carrying ten thousand cryogenically frozen colonists, he and his crew must seek out new worlds for potential habitation to secure humanity's future.

But the Eden is breaking down, with accidents occuring at alarming rates. At first, Adam believes these to be mere coincidences, until a massive explosion kills several dozen people. He puts Seth, the lead Security officer, in charge of an investigation to uncover the truth. And the clock is ticking...

Their Solitary Way - Available exclusively on Amazon!
The Other Side of Nowhere: And Other Stories

Experience three exciting stories of fantasy and science fiction.

Feral - In the heart of Africa, a remote tribe share a terrifying ability to transform into deadly beasts. When a little girl escapes, can Bo bring her home safely?

The Other Side of Nowhere - In a Georgia hospital, a farmer struggles to survive. Between waking moments on an operating table and a series of dreams, the real battle for his life begins.

Meeting Jonah - James Harper never expected to be psychoanalyzing the first sentient machine. But when men in white coats decide to terminate the AI, will James take a stand?

The Other Side of Nowhere - Available exclusively on Amazon!