Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 8

Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 8 contains books 15 and 16 of the Renegade Star series.

Renegade War, book 15

The battle for the galaxy approaches. Under the guidance of the mythological gods, Jace must travel to Sarkonian territory in search of a woman he has never met. She holds the key to unlocking the Gate of Eternity, and with it, a weapon that may end the Celestials war against humanity.

But nothing comes easy in a galaxy under siege. Even with the Alliance behind him, Jace and the crew have their work cut out for them. There are secrets still left to uncover, and the next battle could change everything.

Renegade Peace, book 16

The epic conclusion.

As the Celestials make their way to Earth, humanity must make its final stand. The Union, Sarkonians, Eternals, and the free people of Earth must stand together or face extinction. But doing so will not be easy.

Despite all their preparations, all their work and steadfast resolve, Jace and the crew of the Renegade Star must scramble to unite the galaxy before the enemy arrives. They will need help from every government, rebel group, and anyone with a ship to step up and fight. That means calling on both soldiers and criminals, allies and enemies, all in the hope that they will understand what is at stake and unite together for the greater good.

Mankind’s final test is about to begin. Will we rise to the challenge? Or will we allow our petty disputes and political vendettas to get in the way of our own survival?

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