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Audiobooks on AUdible

FIlter By Series
Galactic Heritage 2 Godwalker cover. Bearded man in bomber jacket walking alert in a jungle, carrying a laser pistol.
Galactic Heritage Audiobook 2: Godwalker
Taken to the Stars 5 cover, man looking at HUD
Taken to the Stars Audiobook 5: Vanguard Wing
Backyard Starship 15 Constant Sorrow cover. The silhouette of a man standing in a graveyard with a starship hovering above, backlit by a moon.
Backyard Starship Audiobook 15: Constant Sorrow
Federation Marine 5 Major cover. Uniformed officer pointing a pistol at suspect in the street.
Federation Marine Audiobook 5: Major
The Last Hunter 12 Implacable Resolve cover. Two uniformed officers, a man and a woman, featured in the sky, behind an alien figure. The cover has a white hue.
The Last Hunter Audiobook 12: Implacable Resolve
Man shown from behind looking up at a back-lit ship in the night sky
Galactic Heritage Audiobook 1: Galactic Heritage
Man standing in front of a farm complex with ships flying above
Backyard Starship Audiobook 14: Shattered Will
Taken to the Stars 4 Legacy of Empire cover. Man in outdoor jacket.
Taken to the Stars Audiobook 4: Legacy of Empire
Woman warrior in form fitting armor with ninja mask and katana sword
Star Scrapper Audiobook 2: Hunter's Rise
Fully armoured solider holding laser gun riding a motorcycle
Ruins of the Earth Audiobook 5: Valley of the Dead
Slip Runner 9 Cosmic Horizon cover. Profile of a man with skin peeling like paper set in a futuristic urban scene with fire in background.
Slip Runner Audiobook 9: Cosmic Horizon
Woman warrior in orange uniform, accompanied by two men in grey uniforms, with a pink moon in the background
Symbiote Wars Audiobook 2: Opening Moves
Soldier or officer with a mustache and wearing armour, in front of a futuristic scene or space station
Peacemaker Wars Audiobook 2: Echoes in the Deep
Federation Marine 4 audio cover, man in spacesuit floating behind spaceship
Federation Marine Audiobook 4: Captain
Scruffy looking man in military jacket and scarf in foreground, holding a black cube
Star Scrapper Audiobook 1: Star Scrapper
Homeworld lost 7 Obsidian Gate cover. Person in space suit facing reader in foreground. A ship on fire is reflected in the helmet's face shield.
Homeworld Lost Audiobook 7: Obsidian Gate
Armoured soldier holding a laser rifle viewed from behind, overlooking a battle scene with ruins on fire and crashing firey ships
Ruins of the Galaxy Audiobook 9: Rise of the Gladias
The Last Hunter 11 Under Siege cover. Purple hued photo of space with middle-aged man with beard featured and two ships in the foreground.
The Last Hunter Audiobook 11: Under Siege
Shape of a woman in the foreground, image of sphinx cat and spider in the sky, in front of two military men and a rocket launch
Symbiote Wars Audiobook 1
Homeworld Lost 6 United Nexus cover. Two men in leather slick jackets looking at reader, standing in a red corridor.
Homeworld Lost Audiobook 6: United Nexus

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