Deadland Drifter Book 4: Deadland Protector

With the Hand dead and the Ring mostly dismantled, Burner’s team turn their attention to loose ends.

The thing about loose ends is if you tug at them there is always a chance that you’ll pull something else loose. And sometimes that thing is much bigger than anything you are equipped to deal with.

Against a background of clandestine operations it soon becomes apparent that the Hand’s operation is being supported by someone within the government and a second powerful person within the Union.

Tracking the scent of corruption the team discover that the key players already know who they are and are coming for them. It’s a case of strike or be taken out.

But taking out high ranking officials is generally frowned on in Union space. Their actions will come at a cost: Burner and his team will become fugitives. If they escape with their lives.

Either way, their life on Dobulla is essentially over.

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