Renegade Star Book 5: Renegade Fleet

An ancient threat is rising.

Jace Hughes has successfully crippled the Union, saving a small civilization in the process. With a new army at his side, he sets his sights on Earth, the lost homeworld of humanity, vowing to finish the job he set out to do.

But there is something looming on the horizon. Another threat of unspeakable carnage, and it isn’t the Union or the Sarkonians.

It may not even be human.

Journey alongside Jace as he attempts to save his crew, his people, and himself from an enemy he cannot see. The mission is bleak, but the payoff is huge, and everyone wants him dead. In a galaxy full of violence, he’ll be lucky to make it out alive.

Just another day for a Renegade.

Experience a sprawling galactic tale in this fourth entry to The Renegade Star series. If you’re a fan of Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, or Leviathan Wakes, you’ll love this epic, space opera thriller.

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