Slip Runner Book 1: Slip Runner

Cole Riker is a Slip Runner.

A contractor tasked with finding alien salvage in exchange for credits. For an ex-smuggler like Cole, there’s a catch: don’t break the terms of parole. That means doing things by the book.

Find salvage, turn it in, get paid.

But everything changes when a retrieval mission lands him in a previously unknown sector. There, he finds the material he’s been sent to recover, along with something more…

A brand new form of ancient alien life.

Such a thing could change the entire Alliance, the Galaxy, and everything between, but most of all, it could change Cole’s life for the better.

A shift in humanity’s future is at hand and Cole is the one holding the key. He just has to survive long enough to use it.

USA Today Bestselling Author J.N. Chaney and M.F. Lerma bring you a brand new series. If you’re a fan of traditional heroes and old school scifi, this is the story for you.

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