Backyard Starship Audiobook 4: Legacy of Stars

There are some things you simply can’t escape. For Van, it’s family.

Out among the stars, his cousin, Carter Yost, drags Van and his team into a criminal ring run by the High Doctor—a dangerous con artist with delusions of grandeur. Working from the abandoned world of Pathway, the High Doctor has created a cult, stealing a fortune from the fearful, sick, and scared.

If there’s one thing Van hates, it’s a bully, and the High Doctor has his full attention. But in order to crush the criminal cult, Van needs bigger, better armor—and that comes with a price.

The rarest metals cost money, and that means doing a few dirty jobs in order to pay for the tools of his trade. Van’s got the will. His team has the skill.

Now, he has to find a way. And the way will surely involve war.

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