cyborg type soldiers walk with blue lasers mounted on their arms in a city ablaze

Federation Marine Audiobook 1: Recruit

Previously published as “United Federation Marine Corps”, now updated and re-edited.

What would you do to change your life? How far would you go? How hard would you fight?

Rather than work his bones into dust toiling away on a barren world, Ryck Lysander chooses to enlist in the Federation Marine Corps.

But as he quickly finds out, this path isn’t just a job. . . it’s a calling. . . and not everyone is suited to wear the uniform.

Like millions before him, Ryck will need to develop discipline, endurance, and strength as he’s pushed to the very limit of what he can do, all to earn his ticket off a barren world and into the stars.

But the price of failure won’t just mean going home to work the dirt fields. . . it could cost him his very life.

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