camo soldier holding a rifle, hiding waiting behind a tree, from ape-men soldiers

Federation Marine Audiobook 3: Lieutenant

As a certified “hero,” Sergeant Ryck Lysander gets offered a commission as a second lieutenant.

Only, he doesn’t feel like a hero, and his tendency to jump into a fight himself is at odds with his duties as an officer.

When first contact with an alien race turns into a full blown war, Ryck is thrust into combat once again, and the battle goes poorly.

Before he has time to take a breath, Ryck finds himself in a crises. Did he make a mistake by accepting the commission? Or will he rise to his newfound position?

With humankind facing an existential threat, one confused former hero won’t amount to much. A change from infantry to recon gives him one last chance to prove that he has what it takes to not only be a leader of men…

…but of Marines.

Experience the third entry in the bestselling series from author retired Marine infantry Colonel Jonathan P. Brazee. If you’re a fan of realistic combat, expansive scifi settings and stories, and heartpounding action, you’ll love Federation Marine.

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