Man shown from behind looking up at a back-lit ship in the night sky

Galactic Heritage Audiobook 1: Galactic Heritage

A treasure map to the stars. An inherited legacy beyond imagination.

When Gunnar McConnell inherits a treasure map after his uncle’s death, he goes on the hunt of his life and can’t believe what he finds.

There isn’t just gold in those mountains, but the secret of a lifetime—a starship that can take him to worlds unknown and a universe full of life.

When he survives the arduous journey into the belly of a dangerous cave, the Enoch stands before him, waiting for Gunnar to accept his destiny.

Armed with his new ship—a deified body of destruction—and an AI that only his DNA can activate, Gunnar is forced into a greater conflict of galactic proportions. He soon discovers that politics and deception reach far beyond the boundaries of Earth.

After he willingly accepts a centuries old legacy, a new and dangerous world opens before him—a world he may not be prepared to embrace.

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime with Matt Coleman as he brings you a brand new science fiction series. If you’re a fan of spaceships, suspense, and edge of your seat action, this might be the thrill ride you’ve been waiting for.

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