King’s League Audiobook 3: Ruin of Kings

Party at Dawnshire.

Graydon’s Armor is bestowing its power on players throughout King’s League, and not all of them think like Dirk.

When a vicious player-killer begins to wreak havoc in his own corner of King’s League, Dirk decides that the only way he can put a stop to it is by gathering up his friends and creating a balanced party capable of standing up against some of the game’s toughest challenges.

As Dirk helps Stoneburner and others level up to survive the coming encounter, he discovers that finding Graydon’s Sight wasn’t just good luck…it was the start of a game-changing development that will impact every player in King’s League!

Enjoy the midway point of this LitRPG epic by Associated Press and USA Today best sellers Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney!

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