King’s League Audiobook 4: Sky Raiders

Life in King’s League has hit a new low. Dirk has lost Graydon’s Sight to another player. For the first time since finding it, he is forced to navigate the game while tracking down the rest of the set. It’s the worst time to discover that Graydon isn’t the only god with armor to bestow, either.

It becomes a race against the clock to collect the remaining missing pieces and devise a plan to get the helm back, all while keeping an eye out for old enemies.

With the help of his party, Dirk discovers the player in possession of Graydon’s Sight is using it to take over a realm called Sky Raiders. Left with no choice, he and the others set out for the steampunk skies where one thing soon becomes clear: They’re going to need a bigger boat.

There they discover that not everything is what it seems and that being a pirate captain in a cutthroat realm where only the ruthless survive isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

As Dirk navigates this strange new land in hopes of getting his armor back, he’ll discover new lore that won’t stay secret for long. It’s a race against the clock before every player in the game starts gunning for him, and it will take all Dirk’s wits to avoid the character creation screen.

Slip on your VR goggles and enjoy the newest installment of this humorous LitRPG experience by Associated Press and USA Today best sellers Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney!

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