King’s League Audiobook 5: The Glitch

Word about the Tournament of Champions is out.

The hunt for God armor is ramping up as players who want in on the action flock to Dawnshire and the other Champions’ strongholds to try their luck. Between that and Dirk’s agreement with Dead Hunter, his own quest to complete the Graydon’s is temporarily put on hold.

To make matters worse, Dirk is faced with the unsettling realization that Dead Hunter isn’t just a good player—he’s a master. Graydon’s Champion will have his work cut out and then some if he wants to stay alive and come out on top.

As he starts to contemplate a new strategy, the unthinkable happens: King’s League devs upload a patch that doesn’t go as planned, turning the game upside down.

Dirk is now Spyce, and he gets more than a new wardrobe.

King’s League stops for no one. As the group continues to quest through the unfamiliar gamescape in unfamiliar avatars, they have no choice but to dive headfirst into the chaos.

Through it all, unrest stalks the group from within at every turn. Will their friendships survive the glitch? Dirk isn’t so sure. There are still battles to be fought and lessons to be learned, and the most important of all may have nothing to do with the game at all.

Boot up your rigs and join in on the latest addition to this exciting LitRPG experience by Associated Press and USA Today best sellers Jason Anspach and J. N. Chaney!

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