Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 7

Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 7 contains books 13 and 14 of the Renegade Star series.

Renegade Alliance, book 13

An ancient world holds many secrets.

With the Celestial ship Tartarus now under his command, the former Renegade known as Jace Hughes heads toward a lost colony in search of answers. What he finds may change the war forever.

Meanwhile, the Celestials are drawing closer to locating Earth with every passing day. With an invasion looming, the Alliance has little time to prepare its forces. The Union, Sarkonians, and Earth must unite together or die alone.

Renegade Evolution, book 14

The truth about the gods will set you free.

Jace Hughes and the people of Earth have joined with the Union and the Sarkonians to create the largest alliance in human history. They have amassed a wealth of weapons, shields, and the strongest military ever conceived. But it may not be enough.

The Celestials have gone on the offensive, attacking Alliance colonies and key points of interest throughout the galaxy, destroying valuable resources that humanity needs to fight back. And no one can stop them. Except that somewhere, buried in the distant stars of the galaxy, hope remains alive.

On a ringworld known as Elysia, Jace and his crew search desperately for answers. It was here that the Celestials first discovered alien technology and used it to transform themselves. If a weakness is to be found, then perhaps it exists somewhere in this lost, forgotten ring. But the enemy is already on their way, and time is running out.

If you’re a fan of FireflyBattlestar Galactica, or Indiana Jones, you’ll love this space opera epic.

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