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Ruins of the Earth Audiobook 5: Valley of the Dead

There’s no going back to Earth. The only way forward is through hell.

After the explosive events surrounding MPF6’s destruction on Karkin Four, Wic and his team of daredevil operators join forces with the rebel force known as the Blood Guard. While the Phantoms desire to help relocate human refugees to safer worlds, they’re forced to confront a more pressing objective: cut off the head of the beast and keep the Androchidan Empire from enslaving another world.

Wic is immediately flung into the heat of battle, driven by retaliation, a need for justice, and the need to send a message to all other deviant species who’d wish to take advantage of the innocent: don’t even think about it.

However, when a convert mission goes sideways, and key Blood Guard operatives turn up missing, Phantom Team must decide just how far they’re willing to go to stop an alien species from wreaking havoc in the galaxy.

Tensions mount as the empire’s high command closes in for the kill. Lies spread, secrets abound, and betrayal runs like blood in the streets. Will Sir Chuck provide critical intel in time to save the team? Can Wic pull one more hat trick against a world-conquering foe?

Find out in Valley of the Dead, the fifth nail-biting, white-knuckle episode of the acclaimed Ruins of the Earth series by Christopher Hopper and J.N. Chaney.

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