Sentenced to War Audiobook 3: Song of Redemption

In the midst of humanity’s greatest fight for survival, old rivalries threaten to pull allies apart in a rush for rumored alien tech.

With the newly weaponized Sergeant Reverent Pelletier and his Marine Raiders at the tip of the spear, only they stand a chance at holding the shaky alliance together long enough to meet the enemy.

The Centaurs are on their way to destroy the very birthplace of human civilization: Mother Earth itself.

Humanity’s end may be upon us…but only if Rev and his team fail to do the impossible.

Experience the thrilling third installment in the international best-selling series from USA Today best-selling Author J.N. Chaney and Jonathan Brazee. If you’re a fan of gritty military sci-fi action and characters who refuse to quit, you’ll love this series.

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