Sunkiller Audiobook 1: Sunkiller

What would you do if you found the secret of a lifetime? What if you could change the universe?

Chase Weston never would have thought that being the bodyguard for an archaeologist could be so dangerous – even this archaeologist digging for the remains of an alien civilization on another planet.

But everyone wants what Dr. Angel Cortez has found….no matter the human cost.

Because beneath the dirt and stone, an ancient mystery lies, a secret history, and a warning of an implacable alien enemy. And if the warnings are true, then corporate mercenaries and Sea Dragon commandoes are the least of Chase’s worries.

Can Sgt. Chase Weston and Dr. Evangeline Cortez uncover the mystery of the Sunkillers? Or, will they just be the latest to die trying?

Experience this riveting science fiction epic, from Dragon Award nominees and USA Today best-selling authors J.N. Chaney and Rick Partlow. Uncover the secret of an alien race, and change humanity (and the universe) forever.

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