Sunkiller Audiobook 3: Odyssey

Two down…one to go.

Chase and Angel have two of the three artifacts they need to access the ancient alien Archive—humanity’s only hope of defeating the Sunkillers.

But getting that third one is going to be near impossible.

Because their nemesis, the power-hungry Hart-Klein Consolidated, already has the third key to the Archive…and they won’t be giving it up without a fight.

Who can Chase and the rest of the crew of the Tamar turn to for help when their own government thinks they’re outlaws and they have a price on their heads?

The last person they ever thought they would ask…and if she doesn’t help, humanity won’t have much of a future.

Experience the third entry in the Sunkiller series from Dragon Award nominees JN Chaney and Rick Partlow. If you’re a fan of gritty military science fiction, epic quests, and ancient civilizations, then you’ll love Sunkiller: Odyssey.

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