Woman warrior in orange uniform, accompanied by two men in grey uniforms, with a pink moon in the background

Symbiote Wars Audiobook 2: Opening Moves

They have to shoot the messenger… or Earth is toast!

With war afoot, James Sutton and Will Johnson are tasked with chasing down the Cowlee stealth ship that has the coordinates to Earth. If the ship makes it back to the Cowlees’ home world, life as we know it will end.

Meanwhile, Holly Sutton is ready to attempt the jungle warfare school on Salchan. But when it doesn’t go as planned, she’ll be lucky to escape the swamps with her life.

And when the Cowlees send expeditions looking for more information on Earth, the first major confrontations between Cowlees and Terrans will result.

Will the Sutton siblings make it back to Earth on their own, or as prisoners of a Cowlee fleet?

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