The Fifth Column Audiobook 2: The Solaris Initiative

The Rebellion has begun.

Two framed soldiers turned Liberators, an unhinged Vice-Admiral with mass murder on his mind, and a new rebellion.

After deserting the Sarkonian Empire and stealing one of their best stealth ships, Alyss Cortez and Farah Shahi knew it would be like this.

Always looking over their shoulder for a far-reaching enemy.

But they aren’t running or hiding.

Instead, the pair are accepting search and rescue jobs and planning to take down Vice-Admiral-Kaska, antimission by antimission. Except that they didn’t expect things to go so wrong.

When a terrorist attack takes out a train on Solaras, the rebellion rises – with Alyss and Farah deeply entrenched in its message. On their quest for justice and peace they gain some new friends and make discoveries that shake them to the core.

It’s a long, terrible road ahead. How far will they go for what they believe in?

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