The Last Hunter Audiobook 2: Bonds of Blood

When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging.

Commodore Jack Romanoff and his merry band of ragtag navy rejects—skilled yet young war reenactors, a rescued navy crew, and a Confederation spy—have rescued more than two hundred civilian ships and escaped a massacre in a battleship over two centuries old.

Too bad they blew a fusion plant doing it.

Trapped in a deserted system with the Locusts after them, they have a hard deadline to sort out the mess. Standing in the way is an arrogant navy captain unwilling to bend his stiff neck, and the man’s unexpected—and unwelcome—allies.

Yet clever friends and shocking secrets may still turn the tide.

Jack and his crew have only one chance to get it right. To do that, he must bind them all together with bonds of blood.

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