The Last Reaper Audiobook 8: Descent of the Reaper

Humanity’s last chance for survival lies on a quarantined planet deep in enemy space.

Not even the exodus fleet’s ancient enemies dare set foot on the surface. When Cain’s friends make a daring assault on the dormant shipyard of an ancient civilization, he’s soon confronted with a nightmare made real.

How far will a guardian like Cain go to protect the people he loves? It has been a long time since he was ripped from his life and turned into a cold-blooded killer, augmented with cybernetic weapons, and sent down a path of destruction.

Now, he’ll seek redemption as well as a chance to save the exodus fleet from all of their mistakes. More than ever, the people of Wallach and Xad have become his people. There is a new home for them.

All he has to do is get them there.

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