Uplink Squadron Audiobook 4: Far and Away

War sucks…especially when you’re fighting for the wrong side.

After getting shot down over Tau Ceti, Uplink Squadron commanding officer Lance Baker has come to the realization that Earth is fighting for the wrong side in the ongoing galactic war.

The only problem—their allies, the Overlords, control the Solar System, and to do anything other than what they bid is suicide for humanity.

But other humans—the Kardons—exist, and if an alliance was possible, maybe, just maybe, Earth could get the help it needs to throw off the Overlords’ shackles. Unfortunately, the Kardons are on the wrong side of the battle lines, and if any emissaries are seen crossing them, the Earth will get bombed out of existence.

Baker will have find a way to get to the Kardons’ home planet without being seen, negotiate an alliance, and bring Earth the help it needs to get out from under the Overlords, while the rest of Uplink Squadron continues to kill the people they’d like to be allied with. It’s a terrible plan—and one that could easily result in the destruction of the Earth—but it’s the only one they’ve got.

It’s time to plug back in and save the world.

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