Uplink Squadron Audiobook 5: Forge the Path

A major battle has been won. Now what?

A joint task force of humans and synthetic intelligences (SIs) has defeated the Overlord’s Fleet Twenty-Seven, and peace reigns throughout the region surrounding Earth…for now.

But the Overlords are sure to return once they find out their fleet was destroyed, and they’ll be back with a strong enough force to ensure the Terrans don’t win a second time.

Commander Lance Baker and Commander Sofia Jimenez have a brief moment in time and space to come to terms with their allies, train new forces—including new SIs—and prepare for a battle that is sure to be bigger and more horrific than anything they’ve seen before.

Uplink Squadron has been successful to this point through a combination of skills and good luck, but the storm that’s coming will be strong enough to blow all of that away. Can Baker and Jimenez have Earth’s fleet ready in time, or will this be the end of everything they’ve been fighting for—including the Earth itself?

It’s time to plug back in and save the world.

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