Wayward Galaxy Audiobook 4

F-F-Fourth times the ch-charm!

The Rangers and Osay colonists have won the fight for control of their corner of Amir. But as the threat of invasion from nearby RUPAC special forces loom, Reach, Alexa, and Brody seek to make newfound neighbors into allies.

But friendship isn’t easy to come by, even on a planet as hostile to humans as Amir.

Even inside the Ranger-protected confines of the O-C, tensions boil over as Liana works to find a way to make Ranger, Osay, and RUPAC defectors coexist and save their hostility for what lays outside the colony’s growing walls.

Experience the fourth entry in the international hit series Wayward Galaxy from USA Today best-selling authors J.N. Chaney and Jason Anspach, performed by award-winning R.C. Bray. If you’re a fan of ’80s action flicks, futuristic high octane combat, and fighting commies of all shapes, you’ll love this series.

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