Cyborg Corps Book 2: Built To Last

The shackles have been broken. The war for freedom has begun.

Warren’s new colony has become an oasis in a war-torn galaxy, but new enemies and a distant call for help threaten to wrench peace from his grasp.

The Commonwealth mothership is being disassembled, mostly for scrap, but it also contains weapons and technology which the industrious people of Reotis are putting to good use.

Among the artifacts recovered is an odd-looking pod, no bigger than a loaf of bread, and it holds a secret that sheds more light on how powerful Warren’s enemy truly is.

Was the Commonwealth hiding this technology? Or did they steal it from somebody else?

As more cyborgs are discovered throughout the galaxy, the fight for freedom expands beyond the colony of Reotis. Warren’s search for answers grows, along with his thirst for independence.

He will not be made a slave ever again. He vows to live, to survive, to rebel. No matter the cost.

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