Galactic Law Book 3: Galactic Jury

Dark money. Slave traders. Smugglers and bandits. The Deadlands is a dangerous place.

Chaos and violence continue to rock Taurus Station, and Deputy Gage Walker is on a mission to bring down those who would fuel the fire.

With his trusted crew, Walker’s on a hunt for a witness who holds the key to everything. Trouble is, getting the witness means breaking into a dark site prison with the deadliest security imaginable.

In a battle for the future of Taurus Station, Walker must stop at nothing to bring the Sheriff’s justice to the lawless Deadlands and all who would stand in his way.

But his enemies aren’t going down without a fight, and the victor will change the system forever.

Experience this third entry in the bestselling series from James S. Aaron and USA Today Bestselling author J.N. Chaney. If you’re a fan of Judge Dredd, Renegade Star, or Firefly, you’ll love this epic tale of a rookie cop with nothing left to lose.

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