Homeworld lost 3 cover. Man sitting near a railing looking out a portwindow of a spaceship down to the planet below.

Homeworld Lost Book 3: Leviathan’s Bane

Noah Gantz and his crew are closing in on the final Seer artifact, the device that will keep the power they already have from destroying them, and change inter-galactic travel forever. His enemies remain as devious as they are ruthless, but he’s got things figured out.

Until three United Earth ships arrive in the Reach galaxy and throw a bucket of wrenches in his plans. Intergalactic war on a scale never before seen is about to break out and only his living starship can stop it before it starts.

Step one in his plan: avoid dying.
Step two: warn the leaders of United Earth.
Step three: see step one.

Join Noah Gantz and Kayan’s crew as they explore new worlds, outmaneuver enemies, and wrestle with the secrets of ancient technology. The god-like entities that created the Seer devices won’t mind if they get used for the good of the galaxy… right?

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