Peacemaker Wars Book 2: Echoes in the Deep

Mark Tudor is learning a valuable lesson about being a Peacemaker.

With Veteran pay comes veteran problems. And the Guild, more often than not, is the issue.

He’s become an effective enforcer of the law, but unfortunately, crime is growing a lot more complicated. Someone is slaving artificial beings to ships, running contraband across the stars in a fatal practice that marries murder, theft, and kidnapping. Even as Mark’s crew grows, he discovers these crimes aren’t just horrific—they’re common.

And he means to stop it.

Deep in the black between stars, Mark finds an ancient and bizarre place, filled with the galaxy’s discarded junk. And in the middle of that cold, distant void lies a massive ship—one that holds secrets that will rock the halls of power in known space—and turn crime into profit.

Diving headlong into new cases, Mark will find that the elite criminals aren’t scared of a farm boy from Iowa. That professional killers are lurking in the shadows.

But he’s no longer alone.

With Tan, the teenaged tech wizard, and Drogo, whose gifts are a bit more martial, the search for justice will become a little more violent. With seemingly unconnected events escalating, one killer separates herself from the crowd.

Dive back into a brand new adventure set in the bestselling Backyard Starship Universe and see where it all began. If you’re a fan of Backyard Starship, Renegade Star, or classic science fiction, this is the series for you.

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