Peacemaker Wars 4 This Means War cover. Sky view of a tower and an orange sunset with ships flying around it.

Peacemaker Wars Book 4: This Means War

For a World War veteran like Mark Tudor, death is an old acquaintance. Unfortunately, a person never becomes truly numb to its sting.

A good Gajur gave his life.

But will that sacrifice help bring the galaxy back to balance? Or topple known space into a war to end all wars? Armagost wasn’t the only light snuffed prematurely. The attack destroyed an irreplaceable piece of Valint’s life, as well.

Now Mark must toe the delicate line between law man and friend. Partner and lover.

With those in power divided, the work has only begun. The galaxy no longer needs a maker of peace, but a lobbyist and negotiator. In order to deconstruct the entombed and corrupt system, Mark and the gang must stack the deck in their favor. If only things were that simple.

Someone is targeting Ja-Ra’s people galaxy wide. The hot-blooded murder kitties are out to avenge Jarls Vane. And the bureaucratic toads carry legendary grudges. But Mark’s wrath is reserved for one group, and one group only.


The assassins will answer for the lives they took. And Mark will wrestle Tan back from their clutches, if it means he’s got to cut down every wicked Lyrae to do it.

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