Ruins of the Galaxy Book 7: Terminal Fallout

A dying planet’s citizens cry out for rescue, but no one can save them all.

With the Galactic Republic in Ruins, and Capriana Prime uninhabitable after Moldark’s assault, Magnus and his team are left to pick up the pieces. Hundreds of thousands of refugees need to be evacuated before time runs out.

But the Gladio Umbra aren’t without their own problems.

In desperate need of rest, Colonel Caldwell arranges for the gladias to take refuge on a neutral planet. But Moldark’s defeat prompts several key team members to reassess their roles and make decisions that will dramatically shape the Gladio Umbra’s future.

Meanwhile, lingering questions remain about Master So-Elku as he amasses strength on Worru. Magnus is forced to decide what can be done to stop the Luma leader and his relentless quest for power.

That is, if Magnus can keep his team together.

Find out what happens to the Gladio Umbra next this seventh entry to the critically acclaimed series from Christopher Hopper and USA Today Bestselling Author J.N. Chaney.

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