The two main characters, Rev and Tomiko, stand in a golden valley surrounded by mountains and grass

Sentenced to War Book 15: Brave New Dawn

Live for today. Prepare for tomorrow.

The unknown reaches of the galaxy still offer danger for Sergeant Major Reverent Pelletier and his small group of Marines and karnans. They must be ready to protect their own.

But back in human space, war has reared its ugly head once again. Pax Naxli is done, and the central government pays little attention to the Exiled Fleet. On their own now, they can’t count on help when the inevitable comes a’knocking.

Without any outside support and unable to return home, Rev, Tomiko, and the rest must figure out how to survive.

Rev is a Marine, born and bred to fight and survive, to defend those who cannot defend themselves, but one way or another, his journey is coming to an end.

The only question is: will he and his friends live long enough to see it?

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