Slip Runner 6 Made in Heaven cover. Two male soldiers facing a space gate.

Slip Runner Book 6: Made in Heaven

Where one mission ends, another begins…

Cole and his crew are no strangers to bad breaks. That’s just life. With a war waging in Anypsian territory, it doesn’t matter that their task is complete. Gray is family, and you don’t turn your back on family. His memories remain elusive, and enemy forces continue to work behind the scenes in their quest for power. To stop them, Cole teams up with the shadowy organization known as Chaos.

The first order of business is to find a missing Anypsian with vital information and bring her in. There’s just one problem—no one knows what side of the war she’s on.

Once a Renegade, always a Renegade.

Tracking down someone who doesn’t want to be caught on an unfamiliar planet is hard enough. Add a parasitic race of aliens and more secrets into the mix, and this new job is going to be a real doozy, but Cole was raised to finish what he started and doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty in order to find the truth and put an end to this war.

With a loyal crew, determination, and maybe a dash of luck, Cole has a fighting chance to come out on top.

But this time, the stakes are higher than ever, and winning one battle doesn’t equal victory.

Anypsia has secrets, some as old as life itself. Secrets that in the wrong hands will wreak havoc across this galaxy and change the future forever.

Warning: This book contains action, cussing, bad jokes, and general badassery. Read at your own risk.

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