Sol Arbiter Book 2: Intrinsic Immortality

In a world where the human mind can be given a synthetic body, the line between man and machine is blurred.

Despite the authority of the Sol Federation, major corporations hold most of the power. When the head of one such company, Chief Executive Julian Huxley, is killed, his body is left undiscovered for over three years.

Arbiter Tycho Barrett is sent to investigate the executive’s death, but what he finds reveals more than he could have imagined.

Now, Tycho must search for an android who was once human, forcing him to question everything around him.

There are secrets here, written in blood and polymer, and they threaten to fundamentally change mankind’s place in the universe.

After all, if so much of the body can be replaced by wires and circuitry, what does that say for the human soul?

Get ready to experience the second volume in the bestselling Sol Arbiter series. If you’re a fan of Altered Carbon, Dredd, or Blade Runner, you’ll love this engrossing cyberpunk epic.

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