Sunkiller Book 2: Legacy

They know the secret to saving humanity…if they can just live long enough to use it.

Chase Weston was a mercenary. Angel Cortez was an archaeologist. Neither one of them expected to be recruited to save the Earth by an ancient alien AI.

But a doomsday machine, the Sunkiller, is heading for Earth at close to the speed of light, and unless they gather the lost alien artifacts needed to destroy it, humanity will be extinct.

Unfortunately, those artifacts represent unlimited power–the kind that nations and corporations will kill to possess–and the next one they have to find just happens to be right in the middle of enemy territory.

With threats on all sides, the future of the galaxy rests on their shoulders. All they have to do is survive.

Experience the second entry in the bestselling Sunkiller series by USA Today Bestselling Authors and Dragon Award nominees JN Chaney and Rick Partlow. If you’re a fan of huge, galaxy-spanning stories about humanity struggling against overwhelming odds, this is the book for you.

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