The Last Reaper Book 10: Bastion of the Reaper

Halek Cain has one chance to save everyone.

The Alon Empire has redoubled its efforts to conquer Yansden and strip the planet bare. Their massive fleet devours every star system it encounters. They demand total surrender and show no mercy. The Neverseen are rising from the forests, oceans, and desert wilderness and thirsty for blood. Cain and his allies have stopped both of these enemies once, but their backs are to the wall and they must escape or die.

Recently acquired from the ancient ruins in the planet’s interior, the Black Phoenix grows more powerful every day, draining Cain and X-37 of resources even as it gives them the tools to win battles and find Maglan.

But winning might kill them both in the end.

Will Cain master himself and his cybernetic modifications to run the blockade? Can he find Maglan and liberate one Sansein in return for an alliance that will protect the exodus fleet forever?

Find out in the epic conclusion to the critically acclaimed and international bestselling series The Last Reaper by Scott Moon and USA Today Bestselling author J.N. Chaney.

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