The Last Reaper Book 12: Blood of the Reaper

Damaged beyond repair, Halek Cain turns to the one person who can rebuild him from the ground up. Will it be enough to face the mad general sending a clone army after him? Ultimate victories take ultimate sacrifices, and this time defeat means annihilation.

Cain and his friends must find their way to Oroth, locate Elise and her ragtag army of desperate heroes, and face a dark threat no one understands. He has come a long way since death row. This will be his greatest challenge yet, but he’ll do it with old friends, new weapons, and technology like no Reaper before him has been able to wield.

Experience the 12th entry in Halek Cain’s epic quest to save his friends in the Last Reaper series. If you’re a fan of gritty combat, snarky AI’s, and a hero who just won’t quit, this one might just be for you.

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