The Last Reaper Book 14: Fall of the Reaper

There is one thing Halek Cain never does—leave a friend behind. No way he’s abandoning an entire unit.

His newest allies, the JFT Destroyers, are cornered in a star system already ravaged by war. Problem is, Halek Cain has barely survived his own clash with Scheid’s forces. When everyone in the battered Maglan Fleet has given up on the Destroyers, Cain does what he does best—goes full Reaper Renegade to save their collective backsides.

What could possibly stop him besides an alien AI and it’s swarm? Or maybe his arch enemy, General Scheid and his clone army. Cain bites off more than any Reaper can chew and learns his only hope lies in the wisdom of a mysterious beast he left in the forests of Maglan.

Join the Halek Cain and his allies for this latest installment of The Last Reaper series.

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