The Last Reaper Book 15: Reign of the Reaper

Home exists on the other side of total victory.

Staggering clear of the final showdown with Drakainis, Halek Cain gets bad news. Scheid is on his way to petition the Sovereignty of Oroth to become their emergency dictator. With hundreds of worlds and billions of people to feed his grand armada, the man will be unstoppable.

What’s a Reaper to do but light a cigar, snap out a cybernetic blade, and saunter into the heart of enemy territory. Can he and his friends infiltrate the Oroth home world and stop their ultimate enemy from seizing absolute power? Will they survive the final battle that follows?

One thing is certain, the last Reaper and his friends are going home no matter what it takes. This time, they want a peace that lasts.

Ride or die with Halek Cain and his crew in this final instalment of The Last Reaper series.

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