Uplink Squadron Book 1: Uplink Squadron

The ultimate pilot has arrived. An unprecedented connection between man and machine.

Five years ago, aliens destroyed a carrier and its airwing at Jupiter without warning.

Since then, the Earth’s nations have learned to work together, and they want to know more about the aliens who appeared, attacked, and vanished without a trace.

The Americans have provided a new carrier and a slew of space fighters. Chinese engine and gravity technology has made going after the invaders possible. And the Russians have developed a new control system for the American fighters that will give the craft never-before-seen capabilities.

Most importantly, this blend of technology has allowed for pilots to connect directly to their ships, amplifying their reflexes and giving them the ultimate edge in combat.

Mankind’s next war is upon us, and Uplink Squadron is the tip of the spear.

It’s time to plug in and save the world.


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