Uplink Squadron Book 3: Fangs Out

It was all just a game… or was it?

Contact has been made with the alien Overlords. They’re not the end of our civilization like we feared; instead, they were just training us to participate in a galactic war they’ve been fighting.

Or so they say.

But with an Overlord fleet in the solar system—far larger than anything we could hope to fight—when they ask for our help in the war, what can we say other than “Yes?”

We were barely holding our own against the military castoffs of the Overlords, though—how can we expect to fight in the front lines of a galaxy-wide war against the upscale technology of the new enemy, the Kardons?

Lance and Sofia will have to upgrade Uplink Squadron with new weapons and tactics if they’re to last beyond the first few minutes in this new way of war. But when they meet the new enemy in battle, it becomes obvious that the Overlords aren’t telling us everything, and Lance and Sofia are forced to wonder if they’re fighting for the right side. With the Overlords holding the Solar System, though, does it matter?

It’s time to plug back in and save the world.

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